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About us & Our values

Peacock is a  lifestyle brand, founded by Ekta G Nef. Her passion for sustainable  and handmade textiles led to the creation of  her label. Committed to making a positive impact in the lives of craftsmen, artisans and preserving the centuries old art and craft traditions. A thorough research on textiles along with personal visits to the artisans in remote villages ensures the authenticity in creating one of a kind & high quality finished products. 

The sole idea is to create job opportunities and partner with women’s cooperatives and artisan communities  where people are treated with respect and can work in dignified conditions at all stages in the production process. Creating fair products, supporting sustainable processes, raw materials and techniques to bring the best for producers and consumers.

Peacock Shop women's fashion and exquisite home decor in Switzerland
Peacock Shop women's fashion and exquisite home decor in Switzerland

All our products are 100% ethically produced by the artisans from several parts of India. The products are not only sustainably produced, they are also handmade using traditional techniques.

For example weaving, our shawls and most textiles are handwoven. This way we not only support a dying art of weaving but also the weaver's family financially. By producing in traditional style the environment remains clean, there is no wage exploitation and the younger generation is motivated to learn the skill of their ancestors leading to regenerating the craft.

We are very proud to be offering products certified under Craftmark and Fair Trade Forum  (Indian Fair trade certification). We are very fortunate to be partners with World Fair Trade Federation certified organizations as well.

We are very conscious about what we offer and are always working to source the products with the highest quality and design. Some of our products can be customized. Our product range include women's apparel, kids wear, bed & cushion covers, table mats, jewelry, rugs and other handicrafts.

We believe the design and quality cannot be compromised on grounds of ethics. Our aim is to offer  high quality designed products produced ethically. We work to  keep the age-old traditions thriving without involving any form of child labor, wage exploitation and unsuitable work conditions.

Be it handwoven, hand-embroidery, hand-knitted, hand-block printed, vegetable dyeing, every product has a story of its own. We hope you will enjoy and support this journey with us.

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